Barryville, new york

Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River

Historical Building

This beautiful building was included in the National Historic Register in 2009.

With its wonderful history of old boarding life - it is one of the last boarding houses still standing in Sullivan County, New York.  There are lots of articles about previous owners from the past as well as mentions in books written over the years.  Get the details

The Neighborhood

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After 10 years, the owners are very sad to say goodbye to this property.  They have had to make the hard decision to sell this property.  Family and relocation have made it hard to continue to keep this property a priority. 

A Future Investment

Are you looking for a great investment property, that can generate profit?  This is the perfect property.  The layout of the building allows you the opportunity to make it into something that can suit your needs.

Note:  This property stands in a Commercial/Residential Zone with the town.  So whether you were thinking about adding a business, renting out the space or living here, the opportunities are endless.

This is what you have been looking for. 

This is your future investment!