Barryville, new york

Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River

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About The Spring House Commons

Who We Are

We’re the owners/entrepreneurs who have to make a difficult decision and sell this property, that we have put tremendous hours of hard work on. Family and relocation have made it hard to keep this property a priority.  We would love to find someone or a group that would like to invest in this property and allow us to move on.

For years we enjoyed being owners of a Bed and Breakfast.  Over these years we have had some wonderful and interesting guest.  We still get emails asking if we will reopen.  With the views and the comfortable rooms we have provided - it was nice to see returning customers year after year. Favorite thing that our guest enjoyed were the evening treats - fresh out of the oven with a vintage carafe of milk.

The Cafe started with just a refrigerator and a hot plate.  When our regular customers kept asking us to expand our menu - we added a full kitchen and more outdoor seating.  Everything was always homemade and made to order.  At some point we had to then expand the outdoor deck for additional seating.  Weekends were just the best - crowds of customers waiting to grab a seat to enjoy eating on the outdoor porch and decks overlooking the Delaware River. An outdoor bar was added to the deck, which was inspired by bars like in the Keys.